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Breaking In:

Embracing Change and Opportunity
Presented by Berklee College of Music and Emerson College Los Angeles

Perspectives on career shift opportunities and strategies in a music industry that is constantly changing.


(Studio 255)

2:00pm - 3:00pm

with Joel Goodman (Composer, 'American Experience', 'An Honest Liar', 'The Diplomat'), Eve Nelson (Songwriter, Producer, Composer for Film & Television), Tim Luckow (Co-Founder & President, Stem Disintermedia), Jessica Rae Huber (Composer & Score Manager, Sparks and Shadows), Dan Viafore (Recording and Mix Engineer, Emerson Faculty), Gary Lister(Senior Vice President/Executive Creative Director, XAV) - Moderated by Peter Gordon (Director, Berklee Center in Los Angeles)


Whether you are just out of college or have years of experience in one profession and are now eager to move into another, there are key lessons to be learned that apply to everyone embracing change and opportunity.  This panel highlights and discusses such transitional experiences and strategies with prominent Emerson College and Berklee College community members that have successfully integrated into the world of music in media.

Peter Gordon (Moderator)

Director, Berklee Center in Los Angeles

After 6+ years on the Berklee faculty, Peter arrived in Los Angeles in 1985 to pursue performance opportunities (sax/flute) in the recording and touring world.  Peter made a transition into the Music Business in 1994 when he became Berklee’s senior representative in Los Angeles.

Eve Nelson

Eve’s songs have been heard in numerous TV shows including The Office, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Revenge, Ghost Whisperer and Army Wives.  As producer and arranger on Chaka Khan’s critically acclaimed album “classikhan”, Eve conducted the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.  She is currently in the studio producing Chaka Khan’s 40th Anniversary record.  Eve also produced Dolly Parton’s songs for the LIFETIME Movie A Country Christmas Story.

Jessica Rae Huber

Film Composer

Working alongside Bear McCreary, Jessica serves as the Scoring Manager for his music production company: Sparks and Shadows.  Jessica has written additional music for projects such as “The Walking Dead,” Marvel's “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “Outlander,” “Black Sails,” “Damien,” “Intruders,” and “Constantine”. She has collaborated with filmmakers and game developers from around the country, most notably, composing the music for the gritty drama, Luke, and the animated series “The Lost Land of Yehey.”

Joel Goodman

Emmy Award-Winning Composer

Joel has scored over 125 films and television programs that have received 5 Oscar nominations, 15 Emmy awards and over 25 Emmy nominations. He has scored over 40 films for HBO and composed the theme for the long running and critically acclaimed PBS series “American Experience.” Joel is also active in music publishing and production music.

Tim Luckow

Co-Founder & President, Stem Disintermedia

Tim is co-founder of a start-up that enables content creators to track revenue streams and share earnings.  As a musician who also loves to write code, Tim is one of the young entrepreneurs in the Berklee alumni community—one that is reshaping the industry for songwriters and composers alike.

Gary Lister

Senior Vice President and Senior Creative Director, XAV

Gary is an award-winning editor, producer, and creative director—roles through which he has progressed over his 25-year career in entertainment media.  In his current role as Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director at New Wave Entertainment, Gary oversees all marketing strategy and creative from start to finish and manages an inspired team of writers, producers, editors designers and strategists.

Dan Viafore

Recording and Mix Engineer, Emerson Faculty

Dan is a Los Angeles-based audio engineer, recording and mixing projects for Universal Music Group, NBC’s The Voice, Hollywood Records, and Walt Disney Music Group. His work bridges film, TV, and the record industry. An alumnus of Emerson College’s Los Angeles program, Dan has brought his experience back to Emerson by teaching classes on the Music Industry, Film Music, and guiding students through internship classes.

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