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How This Impacts Music For TV and Film


(The DiBona Family Distance Learning Center)

10:45am - 11:45am

with Steve Winogradsky (Entertainment Attorney, Winogradsky/Sobel)


Join renowned entertainment attorney Steve Winogradsky as he breaks down the recent Department of Justice ruling in regards to Performance Rights Organizations and what it all means.  Answering the question, how will this ruling impact music for film and television? 

Steve Winogradsky


With over thirty five years experience as an attorney in the music industry, Steven Winogradsky is a partner in Winogradsky/Sobel in Studio City, California, providing global media and music business affairs & legal support for composers, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists and television, film, video and multi-media producers.  In addition to an entertainment law practice, the company handles music clearance and licensing in all media for many production companies, worldwide administration of the publishing catalogs for a number of clients and New Media strategies and Revenue Modeling. 


He is the author of “Music Publishing: The Complete Guide”, Alfred Publishing, 2013. He was also awarded the 2012 Texas Star Award by the Texas State Bar Entertainment and Sports Law section for his contributions to legal education in the State of Texas.


Prior to being in solo practice with The Winogradsky Company from 1992 to 2009, Mr. Winogradsky had served as Director of Music Business Affairs for Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc., Managing Director of Music, Legal & Business Affairs for MCA Home Entertainment, Director of Music Licensing and Administration for Universal Pictures and Universal Television and Vice President of Business Affairs for The Clearing House, Ltd. 


He was twice elected President of the California Copyright Conference, after spending nine years on the Board of Directors, served for four years as President of The Association of Independent Music Publishers.  Mr. Winogradsky is an adjunct professor at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in the Masters degree program in Music Industry Administration and was named as one of the Outstanding Instructors in Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts at UCLA Extension, where has taught since 1997.  He has written numerous magazine articles on the subject of music for motion pictures and television and lectured on a variety of music-related topics at various symposia.

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