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A Music Supervision Process


(The DiBona Family Distance Learning Center)

3:15pm - 4:00pm

with Madonna Wade-Reed ('American Crime', 'Reign)


Join Madonna as she gives an overview of the music supervision prcoess on the ABC series 'American Crime' and The CW's 'Reign'.

Madonna Wade-Reed

Music Supervisor, Whoopsie Daisy

Madonna Wade-Reed is a music supervisor and owner of whoopsie daisy.  She is currently supervising the ABC series “American Crime,” the CW series “Reign,” and the MTV series “The Shannara Chronicles.”   Her credits for television include work on such shows as “Ascension,” ”Do No Harm,” “Jane By Design,” “Blue Mountain State,” “Smallville,” “Castle,” “What About Brian,” “Barbershop,” “One Tree Hill,” “Alias” and “Felicity.” Her film credits include “Lovesick,” “A Thousand Words,” two “Fred” films, “The Perfect Score” and “My Boss’s Daughter.”


Prior to her career in music supervision, Madonna honed her skills (herding kittens, opening mail and writing about herself in the third person) while working in feature films, commercials and assisting a well-known actor.  A lifelong love of music lead to a career move into music video production (finding the right visuals to match the songs) and eventually flipping the process to work in music supervision (finding the right songs to match the visuals).


When she’s not working you can find her in her kitchen recipe testing. stealing fruit from her neighbor’s garden and buying shoes (she’s really really good at it).

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