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Difficult Clearances Cases and Problem Solving


(Bright Family Screening Room)

4:00pm - 5:00pm

with Randy Dolnick (Senior Director, Music & Licensing Strategy, Viacom Media Networks), Matthew Eversten (Creative Director, Moondog Music & RONIN), Sean Fernald ('Chelsea', 'Maggie', 'Kick-Ass 2'), Joe Berman (Co-Owner, Media Horse) - Moderated by Jeff Gray ('Nerdland', Fox Sports) and Abby North ('Whalburgers', 'Donnie Loves Jenny', North Music Group)


Is the composition / master recording in the public domain?  Who the heck owns the music? How can I get synch fees lowered?  No matter how creative & respected you or your production is are times when clearing that amazing cue is near impossible for a myriad of reasons.  We will discuss personal difficult cases, solutions and tools you can use to solve these problems.

Jeff Gray (Moderator)

Music Supervisor

Jeff Gray is a jackass of many trades in the music business. He's been called: Composer, Performer, Music Supervisor, Music Licensor/Licensee, Consultant, and more. Jeff's first foray in to the music business at 18 years old was getting paid $20 cash and a Neil Young concert VHS tape as compensation to play guitar on someone's demo tape. This is still some of the most money he's ever been paid for playing music. Pesci has worked for MTV, Bug Music Publishing, Warner Music, Cleopatra Records, Fox Sports Music, Future Content LLC, Swinghouse Productions, Joshua Hoffine, Guitar Center, and more. In addition, Jeff is an on air host and tastemaker for the Hunnypot Live! radio show.  

Joe Berman

Co-Owner, Media House

A native of Southern California, Joe Berman began his career in music soon after finishing high school, playing guitar in countless Hollywood rock and roll bands. What followed has been a 25+ year career working in various facets of the music business including A&R, artist management, music publishing, and licensing. To this day Joe has helped coordinate and secure license deals for countless artists, in various television, promo, and advertising arrangements (Coca Cola, Apple, T-Mobile, Victoria’s Secret, Hilton, Target, H&M, Burger King, Honda, Mitsubishi, TGI Fridays, Sprite, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, MTV, and others). In 2010 Joe co-founded Los Angeles based music publishing / marketing firm MediaHorse, and continues to consult for various International labels, publishers, artists, and music export offices in regards to artist development and catalog marketing, by way of creative licensing efforts.

Sean Fernald

Sean Fernald has produced several features and documentaries, including "Red Velvet" (2009) (a horror-fantasy film) and is preparing "Top of the Mountain" (2015) (a televangelist believes that God has appeared to him and commanded him to meet him at "the top of the mountain" and await further instruction. He does so, with catastrophic results).

As a Music Supervisor, Sean has worked on over 100 features along with various television series, film & video game trailers, advertising spots, corporate branding campaigns and more.

Sean has 10+ years of major record label experience with MCA Records, Virgin Records, Capitol Records and Sony Music, specializing in visual marketing, music video (production and promotion) and music licensing and clearance for film, television and other media.

Sean is a voting member of N.A.R.A.S. (National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences), the Guild of Music Supervisors and The Television Academy.

Abby North (Moderator)

Music Supervisor / North Music Group

Abby North is President of North Music Group, a boutique rights management and music supervision company. Abby’s father-in-law is 15-time Academy Award nominee Alex North, whose film scores include “Spartacus,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Cleopatra,” “Death of A Salesman” and many more.


North Music Group administers Unchained Melody Publishing, the publisher of “Unchained Melody,” written by Alex North and Hy Zaret. Additionally, NMG works with writers, estates, artists and labels to maximize the revenue of their compositions and sound recordings. Clients include Powell St. John, Scarlet Rivera, The Ventures, John Durrill, Modern Music Publishing, David Rose Publishing, I Prevail, Tammy Infusino, Iyeoka, Jaime Wyatt and more.


Abby is a member of the Guild of Music Supervisors and the Television Academy. She is currently music supervising A&E’s two-time Emmy-nominated series Wahlburgers. Recent projects include Donnie Loves Jenny, H2Indo and H2Mexico and American Cheerleader.


North Music Group’s production music libraries have recently contributed music to Nightwatch, Hollywood Medium, Wahlburgers, Donnie Loves Jenny, Killer Kids, Lockup, Marry Me Tonight, TD Jakes Daytime Talk Show and more.

Matthew Eversten
Creative Director, Moondog Music & RONIN

Matthew is a passionate advocate for the arts, enjoying a lifelong devotion to positive social impact, cultural aesthetics & authentic associations through music & the visual arts.  With over over a decade of music industry experience, Matthew’s expertise combines an eclectic, open-minded & refined taste. His applied focus is trained on utilizing emerging media platforms & applications for optimal audience exposure while maintaining close relationships with publishers, musicians, artists & creators from around the globe. 

Randy Dolnick

Senior Director, Music & Licensing Strategy, Viacom Media Networks


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