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Learn how to succeed no matter what role you play in the game of media music.


(Bright Family Screening Room)

12:15pm - 1:00pm

with John Houlihan ('Deadpool', 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates', 'Training Day'), 

Jackie Shuman (Good Ear Music Supervision: Apple, Target, Google, Samsung, Nike, Nissan),

Jabari Ali (President, Paragon Film Music, 'Waist Deep', 'Brooklyn's Finest', 'Gun Hill')


Music Supervisors share true stories about the unexpected paths that songs and instrumental cues take on the way to a synch placement.  Exploring the creative and political process and the surprising circumstances that arise, this no holds barred panel will dig into the the gnarly business battlefields, the insane song pluggers, insane filmmakers, insane licensors and discuss how you can put yourself in the position to succeed no matter what role you play in the game of media music.

John Houlihan

Music Supervisor

John Houlihan (Music Supervisor for “Deadpool”, “Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “Training Day”)

Jackie Shuman

Jackie Shuman (Music Supervisor for Good Ear Music Supervision known for their award-winning work with Apple, Target, Google, Samsung, Nike, Nissan, adidas, Twitter, Honda, Chobani, Southern Comfort, Spotify, Sonos, and many more.)

Jabari Ali

President of Paragon Film Music and Music Supervisor for “Waist Deep”, “Brooklyn’s Finest, BET’s original film “Gun Hill” and the upcoming Fox TV event series “Shots Fired” among others) 

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