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Music Coordinator Takeover!


(DiBona Family Distance Learning Center)

2:00pm - 2:45pm

with Justine Von Winterfeldt ('Significant Mother', 'Pitch Perfect 2', 'Trolls'), Jen Malone ('Atlanta', 'Baskets', 'Ladylike' ), Lana Bui (Aspect) - Moderated by Garrett McElver ('Better Call Saul', 'Love (Season 2)', 'Grace and Frankie')


One successful path to becoming a music supervisor is by finding a music coordinator gig and working your way up. A music coordinator can make or break a project for many music supervisors, and an effective one will know how to elevate the quality of the work with that individual music supervisor or music supervision team. So how do you get this gig? What does it actually entail? And how do you become a music supervisor yourself? 

Garrett McElver (Moderator)

Music Coordinator, SuperMusicVision

Garrett McElver works with music supervisor Thomas Golubić and the team at SuperMusicVision as a music coordinator working on television shows such as AMC's 'Breaking Bad', 'Better Call Saul', 'The Walking Dead', 'Halt and Catch Fire', Netflix's 'Grace and Frankie' and the second season of 'Love', as well as the upcoming series 'Shut Eye' for Hulu and 'Sneaky Pete' for Amazon. Additionally he's worked on ‘Outcast’ for Cinemax, ‘Manhattan’ for WGN, and the Rob Reiner film ‘Being Charlie’. He is currently music supervising the independent thriller 'Revelers' from director Jute Ramsay. 


Previously, Garrett was the Creative Department Director for the entertainment law firm Winogradsky/Sobel. There he managed and developed an independent one-stop catalog and worked with their administration, publishing, and consulting clients.

Garrett is a member of the Education Committee for the Guild of Music Supervisors and plays an active role in the development of the annual Guild of Music Supervisors ‘State of Music In Media' Conference.

Garrett also teaches Music Supervision and Music Licensing at the Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena, Calif.

Justine von Winterfeldt 

Music Supervisor, Format Entertainment

Justine von Winterfeldt is an independent music supervisor that has been active in the Film, TV, and Music industries for over 8 years. She began her career as a music coordinator for supervisor Ann Kline and worked on several well-known TV shows including Shameless, Under the Dome, Harry’s Law, and The Lying Game.

Justine joined Format Entertainment in early 2014 as a music coordinator to Julia Michels where she worked on highly acclaimed films such as Trolls, Pitch Perfect 2, and Bad Moms. She recently transitioned into the supervisor role and now collaborates with the Format music team on various blockbuster hits.

Aside from music supervision, she is a classically trained pianist and is an active member of the Guild of Music Supervisors and The Recording Academy.

Select supervision credits include: Significant Mother (The CW), Black Box (ABC), Common Outlaws (UnCork’d Entertainment)

Jen Malone

Music Supervisor

Jen started in publicity at Formula PR working for Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and many more. After forming the boutique firm, Black & White, she represented several artists and labels including The Hellacopters, The Hives, Backyard Babies, Gearhead Records and Hydrahead Records to name a few.

In2009JendecidedtobeginanewcareerinMusicSupervision. Understandingthatyouhave to start somewhere, she moved to LA and one month later scored a summer internship with Dave Jordan and Julia Michels.

After learning the ropes at Format, Jen came into the Viacom fold and was hired as a coordinator and eventual supervisor for several MTV and VH1 shows including The Vice Guide to Everything, The Inbetweeners, Tough Love, Awkward and Ladylike.

Continuing to learn from the best, in 2012 Jen joined the Metalman Media team and served as music coordinator under Kevin Edelman and Andy Gowan on several award winning network TV series including Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, Bones, Elementary and others.

Over the past six years she has grown into a Music Supervisor in her own right, working in film, TV, web and advertising. Her credits include the feature film Paul Bettany’s directorial debut Shelter, the Swedish sci-fi film Bieffekterna (English title: ORIGIN), the You Tube series Video Game High School and in 2015, Jen was a Music Supervisor for the first quarter at Discovery Communications working with shows on Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, TLC and the Discovery Channel.

Currently, Jen is music supervising the new series ATLANTA, premiering in September on FX as well as the second season of Baskets starring Zach Galifianakis and gearing up for the new season of the MTV hit series Are You The One?.

Lana Bui

Music Coordinator, Aspect 

Lana Bui is a Music Coordinator at Aspect, a trailer house in Los Angeles. A native Floridian, she studied Music Business and Performance in Portland, OR where she worked for a booking & management agency that represented artists such as Quantic, Emancipator, and Ill­Esha. In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue Music Supervision, starting as an intern for Kobalt Music Publishing, and then as a composer’s assistant working on television advertising campaigns for brands such as Nike, Samsung, General Mills, and Honda. There, she started to learn the inner workings of composing and licensing music for advertising and took that knowledge with her to Aspect where she has been for the past 2 years. Lana has placed music for major campaigns such as Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Orange is the New Black, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She has an unhealthy obsession with dogs and carbohydrates and hopes to one day visit all 7 continents of the world.

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