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  1. For all student/military discounts, click "Apply" below and fill out the discount application form.

  2. Once approved, GMS Membership will email you. They'll provide instructions & discount codes for your conference ticket. If you've sign up to be a Friend of the Guild (FOG), they'll tell you how to complete & pay for that as well. Look for this email in 4-6 business days.

  3. Upon approval, you will also receive a special discount code to purchase a discount conference ticket at

  4. Email with any questions.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Trailers But Were Afraid To Ask
There are no stupid questions here. We're aiming to pull back the curtain a bit on the process of selecting and producing music for trailers and other entertainment marketing.
Kelsey Mitchell (Director of Music, Ignition Creative)
Anny Colvin (Head of Music, MakeMake)
AG (Producer/Songwriter, BYAGINC)
Evelin Garcia (Music Supervisor, The Hive)
David James Rosen (Composer, TOTEM)
Danny Exum (Director of Music, Workshop Creative)
The Language Of Music Supervision

Understanding the importance of effective communication. Music Supervision doesn’t start with learning how to sync a track…it starts first with understanding how to communicate around a song and its sonic elements. Everything follows from there.
Alex Helton (Owner, twoOHsix)
Charisse Allen (Music Coordinator, Netflix)
Michael Gross (Executive Creative Producer, Squeak E. Clean Studios)
On In 5 – ELVIS Has Entered The Building
Breaking down the intricate process of music supervision and scoring of feature films, including integrating live performances.
Anton Monsted (Music Supervisor)
Elliott Wheeler (Composer/Executive Music Producer)
Darren Higman (Executive Vice President, Music, Warner Bros. Pictures)
Jamieson Shaw (Supervising Music Editor/Music Producer)
Kristina Benson (Founder, Sweet on Top, LLC)

 Raedio Waves: Talking TV And Music With Issa Rae
Award-winning actress, producer and entrepreneur Issa Rae and Raedio's Head of Music Supervision, Stephanie Diaz-Matos share their insight into recent success with "Insecure", "P-Valley" and what's new with "audio everywhere company", Raedio.
Issa Rae
Stephanie Diaz-Matos (Head of Music Supervision, Raedio)
Angelique Jackson (Variety)

What’s The Alternative?
Live demonstration and discussion of finding song options for a scene.
Robin Urdang (Reel Music SuperVision)
Jennifer Pyken (Jen Pyken Music Supervision)
Janet Lopez (VP of Music, 20th Century Studios)
Kier Lehman (Bad Sneakers)
Jonathan Leahy (Aperture Music)
*Panels and speakers subject to change

Conference Sizzle Reel

This year we're returning the LA Film School for an in-person (and virtual) event. Join us!

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