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What Makes One Song More ‘Sync-able’ Than Another


(The Bill Bordy Media Conference Center)

11:00am - 12:00pm

with Rudy Chung ('Silicon Valley', 'Barry', Hit The Ground Running), Bonnie Greenberg ('The Hunting Ground', 'Stuart Little 2', 'Desperate Housewives'), Rochelle Holguin (Vice President and Head of Creative Music Services, MTV, VH1, & LOGO.), Gary Miller (Vice President Film & TV Music, Creative with Universal Music Publishing Group) -  Moderated by Jonathan McHugh ('Cowboy Drifter', 'We Are X', 'Janis: Little Girl Blue')


 We will examine the DNA of what makes a song synch able and what makes it not. Music creation is an important  part of music for film and TV. What makes one song more sync friendly than another? Sometimes certain songs click and and they get licensed for varied projects over and over. Other songs no matter how cool never get used. 

What is the "secret sauce” that makes it happen? A group of Music Supervisors and execs will talk about their experience and bring forth their most licensed song that they licensed over and over and why they think these songs have gone the distance and made their owners a lot of money.

The concept is why are certain pieces of music or particular artists synced ALL the time and others that might even be hit songs not even utilized in sync. 

Jonathan McHugh (Moderator)

Music Supervisor

Jonathan McHugh is an independent film producer & music supervisor  whohas co-produced over 25 films & TV shows including recently “Cowboy Drifter,” “We Are X”  and “Janis: Little Girl Blue” with Academy award winning producer Alex Gibney and Academy Award nominated director Amy Berg.

Some of the other films he has co-produced include Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never”” Morgan Spurlock’s Sony Classics documentary “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” Lionsgate’s “Repo The Generic Opera,” Lifetime’s “Flying By” The Paramount film “Crossroads and the Discovery’s “Battle Ground Earth.”

He also co-wrote and produced the Lions Gate feature film “Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror” staring Jason Alexander, Danny Trejo and Anson Mount.

McHugh who has held high-level corporate film & music creative executive positions at New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers; (VP Soundtracks,) Sony Records (Sr. VP Film & TV), Universal Records (Sr. VP Visual Media) over the past few decades.

McHugh has music supervised the music for over 60 feature films and TV including the Lionsgate film "Spare Parts" starring George Lopez and Marisa Tomei,      “Ping Pong Summer starring Susan Sarandon, the Peter Jackson produced documentary “West of Memphis,” The Polish Brothers comedy “Hot Bot,” and the upcoming Televisa Films comedy “Sundown.”

As Vice President of Soundtracks at New Line Cinema McHugh co-produced many platinum & gold soundtracks including “Austin Powers”, “The Wedding Singer”, “Boogie Nights,” “Rush Hour,” “Blade” “Mortal Combat 2”, “Love Jones,” and “Money Talks. ”  

McHugh is Documentary committee member of the Producers Guild and the secretary and founding member of the Guild of Music Supervisors. 

IMDB Credits:

Bonnie Greenberg

Bonnie Greenberg has been at the forefront of entertainment integrating music and motion pictures for over two decades. She is a firm believer that music should enhance and support the visual images of film. 


She began her career in the entertainment industry working as an attorney and then business affairs executive at MCA Records, Inc. and Paramount Pictures. She authored various music chapters of the Matthew Bender four volume practical law treatise entitled, “Negotiating Contracts in the Entertainment Industry”. Seizing upon the opportunity to merge music and film, she decided to leave the executive desk and enter the world of production and music supervision.


Greenberg has been integrally involved with over 80 films spanning all budgets and genres — from documentaries BOBBY FISHER AGAINST THE WORLD, LOVE, MARILYN, independent films SPANKING THE MONKEY, HAIRSPRAY, MENACE II SOCIETY, LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, mid-budget independent and studio films such as UNDERCOVER BROTHER, DEAD PRESIDENTS, THE BEST MAN, THE MASK, RAT RACE, THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, PLEASANTVILLE, TAKE THE LEAD, to major studio blockbusters including MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING, HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, WHAT WOMAN WANT, THE SANTA CLAUSE, SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, IT’S COMPLICATED, to the hit series “Desperate Housewives”.


She has worked repeatedly with established directors such as Jerry Zucker, Ron Howard, Malcolm Lee, P.J. Hogan, Nancy Meyers and The Hughes Brothers. Greenberg consulted for Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, overseeing the music in all of their original productions. Most recently she was one of the producers of the made for TV original musical film, DEAR DUMB DIARY, the independent film HALFWAY and the controversial documentary, “THE HUNTING GROUND”.  Also Executive producer of Diane warren penned title song "til it happens to you" from "The Hunting Ground": only song in history to be nominated for a Grammy , Oscar and Emmy (which it won this past Saturday) in the same year, 2016."

She also just wrapped post-production on another original feature film musical entitled BASMATI BLUES, starring Brie Larson, Donald Sutherland, and Scott Bakula.


Greenberg has been featured in the book “How I Broke into Hollywood: Tales from the Trenches”. She has also been featured in the documentaries: American Movie Classics “The American Soundtrack Story”, “CNN Music, Movies and Magic”  “VHI’ s Top 100 Best Movie Songs, and Top 100 Best Movie Dance Numbers “. She has produced or executive produced numerous gold and platinum soundtrack albums. She received an NAACP award for album of the year for her work on THE BEST MAN.


Greenberg is a frequent lecturer on the use of music in films and is an adjunct professor at UCLA Graduate Film School where she teaches music supervision.


Ms. Greenberg produced the equity waiver stage production of John Ford Noonan’s “Getting Through the Night”. As a volunteer, she worked for the State of New York in preparing materials to educate children in the State’s drug program that earned her the Governor’s Plaque Award.


Greenberg received a law degree from Southwestern University School of Law. She is on the advisory board of the Donald E. Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute @Southwestern University School of Law. She is an active member of the New York Bar. She is a 30-year member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. She is one of the founding members of the  Guild of Music Supervisors.

Rochelle Holguin

Rochelle Holguin is Vice President and Head of Creative Music Services, MTV +VH1 + LOGO.  In this role she is responsible for all aspects of music supervision and the creative production music strategy across MTV, VH1 + LogoTV’s linear + digital programs, promos, trailers and specials. Ms. Holguin has developed and executed significant music supervision marketing initiatives across TV, digital and social platforms generating music press around primetime series Faking It, Awkward, Teen Wolf + Finding Carter with features in Billboard, THR, Variety, E! Online, Teen Vogue, TV Guide + The Boston Globe.


Throughout her career at Viacom, Ms. Holguin has built unique partnerships and connected artists and songwriters to hit series such as Teen Wolf, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore and The Hills.  She was integral in successfully implementing SONG IDs across MTV programming as well as launching the blog and its social accounts.


In 2015 she was named an emerging Powerful & Influential Latino in Entertainment by the Imagen Foundation. She is on the advisory board for the Women In Music organization and a guest panelist for multiple music

conferences including: SXSW, ASCAP Expo, Musexpo, BPI Sync Mission, Women Overthrow Musicians Institute, Miami Winter Music Conference and Canadian Music Week.


Prior to joining MTV, Ms. Holguin was the music coordinator on numerous projects including Guy Ritchie’s produced film “Mean Machine” and the CBS series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. Earlier in her career she was a Business Analyst for Computer Sciences Corporation.


Rochelle Holguin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Gary Miller

Vice Presdent Film & TV Music, Cretaive with Universal Music Publishing Group

Miller is currently the Vice President Film & TV Music, Creative with Universal Music Publishing Group and is based in Los Angeles.  His career working with the majors began in 1993 for what was then MCA Music Publishing as the Manager Of Film & TV Music Clearance.  Following that early experience, he did a two year stint at PolyGram Film and TV as Director of Music Clearance and Creative, then returned to Universal in 1999 as Senior Director overseeing the clearance and licensing operation for the newly merged MCA and PolyGram Music Publishing catalogs.  He was promoted to VP in 2000 and spent the next 7 years in that role during the company’s exponential growth involving its acquisitions of Rondor Music and BMG Music Publishing.  In 2008 he had the opportunity to move into a creative role and began working Universal’s rich roster and catalog in the areas of TV, Film, Video Games, Advertising and Merchandise.  Over the course of his career he has seen the Film & TV Music world from nearly every angle whether it be as an independent clearance executive to working within the major label and publishing end of the Film/TV music business.


To date, he has placed music in virtually all media with nearly all major studios including Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Lionsgate, as well as in videogames with EA, Sony Computer Entertainment and Activision-Blizzard, to name but a few.


Beyond his work in the Film/TV music world, he is also responsible for signing Grammy Award winning songwriters Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino of A Great Big World to UMPG and was instrumental in UMPG’s recent signing of The Record Company.

Rudy Chung

Rudy is a partner at Hit The Ground Running and is currently music supervising Silicon Valley and the forthcoming series Barry for HBO.


He is also founding partner at Pusher, an exclusive crew of artists dedicated to disrupting the model of how music for motion picture advertising is created.  Pusher is proud to represent Run The Jewels, Noisia, John Murphy, Zack Hemsey, David Lynch, Ursine Vulpine, Superhuman, DJ Shadow and more.  Recent trailer finishes include Star Wars: Rogue One, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, Magnificent Seven, X-Men: Apocalypse, Spotlight and more.

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