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Greetings GMS Conference attendees!


The day is finally here! Can you believe it? This is already our second conference and it’s crazy how fast it came! We’re really looking forward to seeing many of you again, and to meet many of you for the first time!


We’re proud to say this is a sold out event! It’s going to be crowded so we wanted to prep you with some pro tips on how to maximize your day:


**Arrive early to ensure you see the panel you’re interested in! Especially in the Lecture Room, Screening Room, and Studio Room. These rooms have extremely limited capacity and once they’re filled we are asking that guests limit their early exit and late entry. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before each session begins / as the previous session ends.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself yet, here is the schedule!

Screening Room: This room will be featuring many audio/visual presentations that utilizes the theater space. Due to this, once the room is full we’ll be operating on a one out one in system, denying entry and re-entry as needed. 


Lecture Room: Once a panel has started we ask that you go to the RIGHT entrance door. Especially if you are planning to leave early. 


Studio Room: Our newest room! This will be open to the conference AFTER lunch ends, starting with a panel put together by our lovely hosts at Emerson and Berklee. Followed by the hit Ask Me Anything sessions from last year. We’re happy to announce that we have added Jojo Villanueva to the schedule at 4:15pm in this room for an AMA, and Thomas Golubić and John Houlihan will be rounding out the end of the day at 5:15pm for a joint AMA.


Main Room: Lots of space in here! This room will be filmed, so please be mindful of the camera and tech crew. 


**Complimentary parking is available at the Palladium down the street, and we will be shuttling the conference goers back and forth all day. Full details on our website:


**We do strongly recommend taking LYFT or UBER to the event (the address is 5960 Sunset Blvd) to ensure the most efficient entry to the event!


**Refreshments will be provided in the morning and throughout the day. Coffee, water, light snacks, etc. 


**Lunch is provided in the afternoon between 1pm and 2pm. We will have enough for everyone, but supplies are limited and ask that you do not take more than one lunch box per person. 


**Food & drinks in the evening for the after party! 


We are all a part of a close knit community and we are so excited to spend more time with you. We simply ask that you treat everyone with respect and be patient with lines and the crowds. If you have any issues, there are ton of volunteers around to help - just look for the GMS T-Shirt! 


**Check Twitter for last minute updates and changes! @guildofmusic


*We’d love it if everyone could use our hashtag #GMSCON2016 to really put this thing on the map!


Doors open at 8:30am and the party ends at 8:00pm!


Thank you everyone and have a blast!!


The GMS Education Committee

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