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Enhancing Your Songs For Marketing


(Bright Family Screening Room)

11:00am - 12:00pm

with Vanessa Jorge Perry (Music Supervisor), Marcy Bulkeley (Music Director, Wild Card AV),

Pete Campbell (Editor, Wild Card AV), Collin Perry (Partner / Director of Music & Business Affairs at Ninja Tracks)


What exactly does it me to “Trailierize” specific cues for Trailers? Join as our panel as they discuss the process of enhancing music for marketing, from song selection, editor cuts, and to collaborating with composer to create the perfect fit.  

Vanessa Jorge Perry (Moderator)

Music Supervisor

Over the past 16 years, Vanessa has been a music supervisor for both television and movie trailers, working at Entertainment Tonight, The Ant Farm, and Aspect Ratio.

 She's worked on placements for projects such as Sideways, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Transformers, Eat Pray Love, Godzilla, The Nut Job, The Hobbit, Kingsmen,  and many more. 

Marcy Bulkeley

Music Director, Wild Card AV

Marcy Bulkeley is the Music Director at Wild Card AV ( Previously at Big Picture Entertainment and BLT. She is responsible for the music in the advertising campaigns for films such as King Arthur, Magnificent Seven, The Girl on the Train, Deadpool, The BFG, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Martian, as well as many others.

In 2016 Wild Card AV won a Golden Trailer Award for best music in a trailer for Deadpool. She has been nominated for many best music awards and won in 2011 for best original music in a trailer for Inception. 

Marcy has been in the music supervision world for over fifteen years, consistently building and nurturing relationships with record labels, publishers, composers, agents, and music production companies worldwide. Marcy graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Audio / Radio Production and directed her studies towards film and television music. 

Collin Perry

Partner / Director of Music & Business Affairs at Ninja Tracks

Collin Perry is a Partner / Director of Music & Business Affairs at Ninja Tracks, where he oversees day to day operations, as well as, the production and maintenance of Ninja Tracks’ music and sound design catalog.  While at Ninja Tracks he has produced and supervised music for film and video game advertising campaigns such as, The Martian, Batman VS Superman,  Battlefield 1, Captain America: Civil War, Mechanic Resurrection and many more.  Collin perviously served as the Director Of Film Trailer Music at Groove Addicts and subsequently at Non-Stop Music Collin joined Ninja Tracks as a partner in 2012 where he works directly with composers, music supervisors, producers and editors alike to help craft their musical vision for their campaigns. 

Peter Campbell

Senior Editor, WildCard Creative

Peter Campbell is a Senior Editor at WildCard Creative.  He's had over 14 years of experience editing in the Motion Picture Advertising Industry.  Most recently he helped edit and shape the campaigns of Jurassic World, The Martian, and Independence Day 2.


He's been nominated for multiple Golden Trailer and Key Art Awards and most recently won a Silver Key Art Award for his work on the Jurassic World Campaign.  


Peter comes from a very musical family and background.  He believes that as an editor he's only as good as the music he selects.  When he's not editing Peter spends his time with his wife and making music with his 3 year old son.  

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